SEW EASY! Reform Made Sew Easy: Classes

At Sew Easy New York, we show you the ins and outs of sewing and reforming techniques that allow you to design, sew and wear your own clothes. Choose items you like from our growing design selection.

Here, you’ll learn to remake/reform what you already have. Sure money buys everything (well, almost) but nothing beats the pleasure and satisfaction of making and wearing your original items.

$40/2-hour lesson. Material fees additional.


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SEW EASY! Reform Samples


1. Caribbean dress

I’m sure everyone has at least one forgotten scarf in your closet that you don’t wear anymore. Here, I’d like to share my secret technique to turn an old scarf into a beautiful, versatile Caribbean dress that’s perfect for your next Caribbean trip. It normally takes one 35”x35” (90cmx 90cm) scarf to make one dress.  





2. Recycle an old umbrella into a perfect shopping bag

If you have an old, broken umbrella lying somewhere in your house or in your car trunk, don’t throw it away. It makes great eco-bags. One umbrella yieldeds 2 regular size eco-bags and one small pouch. The original snap fastener strap is used to keep the bag neatly folded when not in use.



3. Make corsages from old ties and T-shirts



3. Make corsages from old ties and T-shirts

Do you have T-shirts sleeping in your drawer? Or ties that are out-of-fashion or given to your husband, boyfriend or brother as a gift but they never wear? If you don’t want to throw them away, here’s a great idea – turn them into beautiful corsages.  



 Reforming Ties and Ribbons

Turn old ties and ribbons into great looking original belts. A perfect match for jeans. 



5. Reforming T-shirts into Knit Hats

Turn old T-shirts into cute, original knit hats. Great for kids!