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SEW EASY! Fashion Goods Made Sew Easy: Classes

At Sew Easy New York, we show you the ins and outs of sewing and reforming techniques that allow you to design, sew and wear your own clothes. Choose items you like from our growing design selection. Sure money buys everything (well, almost) but nothing beats the pleasure and satisfaction of making and wearing your original items.

Anyone who finished a class in Dress Made Sew Easy (Beginner’s Level) is eligible to take Fashion Goods Made Sew Easy classes. $40 + Material Fee/2-hour lesson. 


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 SEW EASY! Bag & Accessory Goods Items

★iPad Case














★Formal Lace Bag


  ★ Zip Open Purse






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PLENTY BAG                                                                                Pink Big Tote bag


1. Ruby Cape

This ruby cape, accented by pretty fringes can be made with simple straight sewing. Wear it casually on a cold day. A perfect hand-made gift idea for Christmas. 


2. Victorian Tote Bag            

Let’s make a versatile Victorian Tote Bag. Nothing beats the pleasure and satisfaction of making your original bag.

◊  We also make custom-made tote bags.


3.Nostalgia Bag

 Nostalgia Bags with a wooden handle exudes gentle warmth. Enjoy hand-making your original Nostalgia bags.  

◊  We also make custom-made Nostalgia bags.



4. Animal Knapsack

Cute and versatile, animal skin-patterned knapsacks are great for daily use. Make small ones for kids.

◊  We also make custom-made animal knapsacks.