Toshiko Nakaura

Toshiko Nakaura

Toshiko Nakaura

Founder and Creative Director,

Sew Easy New York


Born and raised in Osaka, Japan. First fascinated by fun of sewing at the age of ten when she made her first dress, Toshiko went on to graduate from Sobien Fashion Institute. As a chief designer for Akagawa-Ei and NOUP, Toshiko was a major force behind introduction of a line of fresh new designs for the brand. After moving to New York City in late 80’s, Toshiko furthered and keened her fashion gift at FIT.

Toshiko began her fashion career in the U.S. in 1990 when she was hired as a license coordinator for Polo/Ralph Lauren. She then landed a position of merchandiser with Marubeni America Corp. where she handled foreign manufacturing for major accounts such as Brooks Brothers. Toshiko was working for Sojitz America as a production manager, overseeing the entire fashion manufacturing process including designing and production, when she decided to go on her own,

In 2009, Sew Easy New York was founded. After many years of searching for products that can be mass-produced for profit, Toshiko realized that nothing is better than simple original designs that embody what Toshiko calls the “human touch elements.” At Sew Easy New York, Toshiko, in addition to her semi-custom made dress-tailoring business, started EASY SEWING classes to promote self-tailoring as well as reforming of old clothes.

An experienced dancewear designer, Toshiko is also an appointed stage costume wear designer for YOKO, a popular NY salsa singer. Always looking for ways to maximize the power of self-appeal and bring out the best in each performer, Toshiko plays a big role in helping YOKO create her visual presence. Toshiko, by the way, is a highly regarded salsa dancer herself.

Toshiko whose personal convictions include “emphasizing and treasuring of heart-to-heart communication” is an active member of NY de Volunteer, an NPO involved in many charity events and educational programs throughout the New York City area such as Explore Japanese Culture After School and Japanese Spa Day.

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