Jimmy Bosch : Musician /composer /producer


a_millionJimmy Bosch is known throughout the world to be a powerful force as a trombonist, as a composer, as an entertainer and as the producer of his own records for his own Independent record label, JRGR Records, Inc 


 Dear Toshiko

Thank you so much for your creative and passionate spirit in designing and making a Performance Shirt for me to wear for my birthday bash at SOBs on Oct. 15th. Congratulations on creating a wonderful custom made shirt. I can’t wait to wear it for all to see your work.

Arigato gozaimasu,    

Jimmy Bosch


Students Voice from Sew Easy! Sewing Classes


DSC00802Lynn Wang

 I have always been intrigued by sewing being the avid Project Runway fan I was. I walked in Sew Easy with zero experience, didn’t know what to expect. To my relief, I met Toshiko. She goes over threading step by step and gave me some great techniques and advice. The small/ sometimes one on one classes are really intimate and made me feel at ease, not having to worry about catching up with other students or feeling behind. I am learning and enjoying sewing at my own pace. Overall I would highly recommend this class to anyone; the atmosphere is chill and teacher is patient, it’s a great creative outlet for anyone.    Lynn Wang



Toshiko san was a fantastic teacher. I enjoyed her teaching very much; she is very knowledgeable about the art of making clothes, and very good at explaining each step in detail.  I was grateful that she prepared helpful materials before the class, so I could see a sample of what we need it to accomplish.  Toshiko san was extremely generous with her knowledge, time and experience, that I had wonderful experience learning how to sew.   Leon




Dear Toshiko,
Thank you so much for a great sewing experience today! I have learned so much about sewing and pattern making from you classes. You are very clear with your teaching and I appreciate that. I wish I could spend many hours in your classes and come every day!! I love the working environment that you have
created. Looking forward for our next class. Thank you again,    Jazz



yoko2Customer’s Voice

YOKO: Salsa Singer

Debuted in Japan in 1995 as a salsa singer. Moved to the U.S. in 1997. Currently living in NYC, the birthplace of salsa, Yoko works with some of the world’s top salsa musicians when she’s not touring. Her 2008 U.S. debut album, “La Japonesa Salsera YOKO”, became a surprise international best seller, winning a number of awards including 2008 Brazil/Latin/World Music Union Award, Best Salsa/Tropical CD Award, Best of the Year Editor’s Pick Award, just to name a few. Descarga.com, the largest resource for Salsa music online, chose “Yoko, La Japonesa Salsera” as one of its best albums of 2008.

Official Website: http://www.yokosalsa.com


* * * * *

 I first met Toshiko in 2004 in New York through salsa. She started to come to my shows and we began hanging out, going to clubs and having dinner. Now she handles all my stage costumes.

 Because salsa is such a high-energy, vibrant music, I can’t sing wearing normal clothes. I would look out of place. So I need visually striking dresses but they are usually way too expensive to wear just a couple of times on stage. I have hard time finding ready-made dresses that I like because I am also involved in fashion industry myself so I have certain ideas about what I wear. Besides I’m only 4’11”. Even if I found dresses that I like, they would require lots of alterations. Even then, most of them still wouldn’t fit me as well as they should. What to wear on stage has always been one of the biggest headaches for me.

 Toshiko understands salsa moves because she’s a dancer too, and that helps a lot. She listened patiently to my every small request and even gave me valuable professional fashion tips. She’s done a magic to make me appear “bigger” on stage with her designs. She’s made what I’ve always thought impossible possible!




norikoNoriko Hino: Volunteer Specialist

As the head of NY de Volunteer, an NPO that promotes social work activities and cultural understandings between the U.S.A. and Japan, Ms Hino annually sponsors cross cultural education series called Explore Japanese Culture After School as a part of NYC’s official educational programs. She has received special awards and citations from both NYC and the Japanese government for her volunteer activities. She was also selected by NY1, a NY TV station, as the New Yorker of the Week.

NY de Volunteer Official Website: http://www.NYdeVolunteer.org 

Blog: http://ameblo.jp/nydvnoriko/


* * * * *


Toshiko-san became one of our volunteers in early 2009. Her bubbly personality is a big hit with children wherever she goes! In just a little over half a year, Toshiko-san has become an integral part of our organization and its activities, gaining respect and admirations of her peers. Currently, she serves as one of NY de Volunteer’s volunteer management staff.


I enjoy working with Toshiko-san. Thinking together how to make people happy has been very positive and rewarding. I am always amazed at her ability to handle a wide variety of responsibilities with precision, efficiency and flexibility. She is one person whom I would not hesitate to trust if I needed someone to work with me.  


The happy “aura” that brims out of Toshiko-san works like a lubricant, making everyone around her feel good and helping things go smoother. She is generous, friendly and warm yet never fails to “finish the job” when it counts I feel truly honored to have had opportunities to work with her.